secondary teacher's class observation


Secondary Teacher's Class Observation (Class 6) by the Secondary Education Development Program (Ministry of Education), World Bank & Agami Education Foundation has been a great experience for me. I assisted as a Technical Assistant throughout the project & conducted a total of 45 online sessions, where the participant teachers showcased demo classes to the facilitators. 

Disability Inclusion Development - Task Order 45


'Strengthening systems for the enrollment, retention, and support of children with disabilities at the primary level of mainstream education in Bangladesh (DID TO 45)' by the Center for Disability in Development (CDD) has been an insightful journey. Designated as a Monitoring Officer, I paid field visits to project areas to assess the progress of the Home-Based Education (HBE) of children with deafblindness and with severe and multiple disabilities. Providing advocacy to the caretakers and the Home Based Education Facilitators (HBEF) was also part of the visits.



Project Provashi was funded by UNDP & YYGoshti. We launched a mobile application software to help migrant workers to achieve Digital Literacy. Additionally, we were up to prevent fake news and rumors from social media. This project was formed when we won a seed fund of 5000 USD in the Digital Khichuri Challenge (DKC 2019) & later on competed in the Bangabandhu Innovation Grant (BIG 2021) and successfully ended as one of the top 65 emerging startup ideas of Bangladesh.