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Major changes in education policies: Are we ready?

A.S.M. Kamrul Islam || December 20, 2020

Introducing new policies in the education system is important, but the real question is whether we have the capacity to implement them or not. 

Do we need student politics anymore?

A.S.M. Kamrul Islam || April 6, 2024

Undeniably, student politics had a great impact on shaping our nation for years. But for the last few years, no significant contributions have been made for the welfare of the general students.

AI in education: A blessing or a boomerang?

A.S.M. Kamrul Islam || April 19, 2024

This undoubtedly creates frustration for the students who try to showcase their abilities but cannot compete with the pace that AI technology users already have.

Achieving a first-class degree in higher education certainly denotes the academic excellence of a student. But doubt remains whether it ensures someone's capability to be a good teacher or not. 

It is unfair to keep the current quota system in place, which only allocates 44% of seats based on merit. Everyone is waiting for a decision that will either eliminate the quota or implement fair reform. 

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